Are there any women in your life that inspire you?
This is created in honor of You…

As I mentioned on FaceBook, it surprised me how much came out of me while creating this video! Thinking about my own mother, and all the mothers who might struggle at times, wondering if they’ve done OK…

I’m so grateful to my sister, Marie, for creating this new website ( and consequently inviting me to think more deeply about how to more freely love & be loved.

(Special thanks to my dear friend Gary Malkin, who let me use sections of his precious audio tracks for this cause. More of his incredible work is here:

(And extra special thanks to my own Mother, of course, who not only gave me life, but also continues by example to show me how to live it well. I love you Mom, now and always!)Clint Rogers & Mama Sarah Obama

For Mama Sarah’s Foundation for Orphans
(this is the new web site we are helping her create)

Free, New Community for Mothers
(this is the cool new site my sister has been working on)

Please feel free to share this with any woman who inspires you.

Happy Mother’s Day!