About Me

P. Clint Rogers, Ph.D.

Clint in India

What do I do?
A combination of consulting, teaching, administration, traveling, innovation, and research.

My life seems to be a mix of a lot of different things, and at the core is a belief I read from Gandhi that when one person succeeds, then all of humanity succeeds to that same extent – and a strong belief that when we laugh and work together we can often synergistically create something better together than when alone.


This is my short bio:

Clint is President of the International Ministry of Peace, a word-of-mouth-grass-roots-only organization that is helping bring peace between countries that were formerly enemies, and is Global Vision Director of Wisdom of the World. He has a heart for engaging in international collaboration (intercultural/interfaith/interdisciplinary) & poverty alleviation (physical, mental, and emotional/spiritual) in creative ways – using technology and collaborative techniques that are born for this moment. He holds a doctorate in Instructional Psychology and Technology, was the first to teach web analytics at a university, and has worked with world-class entrepreneurship, development, and web promotion efforts. He was invited to join several international mastermind groups, serves on the board of directors for several hyper-growth companies, and has been requested as a speaker to organizations, businesses, and universities around the world. Clint is commonly asked to present on synergistic cross-cultural collaboration, social entrepreneurship, innovation, global virtual teams, mobilizing online movements, fostering human potential, and the impact of media and technological diffusion on international business and development. He is active in consulting, teaching, traveling and research, coordinated the first EU funded Consortium of Universities in ICT4D (Information and Communication Technologies for Development), working with some of the brightest students around the world.


I’m very interested in intercultural, interfaith, interdisciplinary collaboration and international development. A lot of my research and projects involve helping reduce misunderstanding, and also utilizing the differences to spark new innovations (innovations which make the world a better place).

This has led me particularly to working with coordinating projects and researching best practices (including the role of technology) in international collaboration.

I have been blessed that by focusing on what I feel passionate about and through continuing to pioneer in innovative initiatives, this has put me in positions to do some significant international consulting (for government, business, academic, and non-profit leaders and organizations), as well as being invited to join groups of global impact, such as the RRI International Business Mastermind group, started in 2009 by Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes. More recently, in 2011 I was chosen to participate as one of 12 young scholars from around the world in the Meeting of the Young Minds, in Brussels, to mastermind some of the future developments of technology, their impact on society, and potential policy and educational implications.

Dr Clint Rogers presenting at E.U./ACP Stakeholder meeting in Brussels

My blog captures a lot of the journey… As you read entries it would be fun to hear your thoughts.


Here is a recent project I feel very pleased with — excited about how together we continue to touch so many lives in a meaningful way, at a time when it is so needed: 10 Days to Touch 10 Million

I am on the board of directors for several hyper-growth companies, which I enjoy talking about. (for example, see http://www.pagemass.com/)

President of the International Ministry of Peace, a word-of-mouth-grass-roots-only organization that is helping bring peace between countries that were formerly enemies, and Co-Founder of AXIS LIVE (It’s Your World, Your Future, Your Life…)

Global Vision Director of Wisdom of the World and Co-Founder of the Wisdom Leadership Team

Twice I have now Coordinated and Chaired the international workshop and conference on Technology for Innovation and Education in Developing Countries (TEDC 2008) –once in Kampala, Uganda. http://cs.joensuu.fi/tedc2008/, and most recently in Maputo, Mozambique.
Clint Rogers In Dubai

In addition to supervising some Ph.D. students through the IMPDET program at the University of Eastern Finland, I coordinated of the first EU funded EDULINK Consortium of Universities for ICT4D (Information and Communication Technologies for Development). http://cs.joensuu.fi/edulink/

Sometimes I teach as adjunct faculty at different universities. This includes teaching innovative courses on Web Analytics in the BYU school of business (Information Systems) and school of education (Instructional Psychology and Technology), as well as advise some of the research and projects run through the Rollins Center for Entrepreneurship and eBusiness. The students in my classes are phenomenal!

One recent class I taught through the University of Eastern Finland, was on ICT4D and had 40 graduate students from 22 different countries. I coordinated the course online while traveling to 4 different continents, introducing students hands-on to the topics we were discussing. The things I learned from the students in this course was simply invaluable.
Clint Rogers & Mama Sarah Obama

The course I taught recently through the University of Stockholm and the University of Eastern Finland had nearly 100 top students and professionals participating from 30+ countries.
It was a new interdisciplinary course on “utilizing emerging technologies for inter-faith/inter-cultural collaboration: bridging the ‘West’ and the ‘Middle East'” in coordination with students from some of the top universities in Europe, the Middle East, and the US.

In the last decade I have lived in or visited nearly 60 different countries, trying to get a pulse on how things are changing internationally. I still have a lot more questions than answers.
Here is a list of my recent publications.


“A master at the art of living makes no distinction between his work and his play, his labor and his leisure, his mind and his body, his education and his recreation, his love and his religion. He hardly knows which is which. He simply pursues with excellence what he is about and leaves others to determine whether he is working or playing. He himself knows he is always doing both.” (Wilfred A. Peterson)


I don’t know that I’m a ‘master of the art of living’, but I try to make decisions based on what I am passionate about and love to meet others who do as well. On my business card was this quote… “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” (Mohandas Gandhi)
Although easier said than done, I really believe in that statement.

In my personal life, here is my primary question:
How can I appreciate and enjoy even more the Divine power, guidance, and playfulness that is in and around me in this moment?