There is so much to write about from the time here in Nepal; investigating local ICT4D projects, visiting various microfranchises, and co-coordinating the workshop on Technology, Creativity and Entrepreneurship.

Perhaps the most valuable thing for me personally, Clint and Mr. RadhaKrishnahowever, was meeting this great teacher who reminded me of a cross between the wisdom of Yoda, the persevering integrity of Gandhi, and the playfulness of Rafiki (from the Lion King).

Prof. Dr. Radha Krishna Kherwar is 72, but says he feels like he has the energy of a 16 year old. He could have had government positions, but instead dedicated his life to teaching — feeling that was the best thing he could do for his community and country. So he has produced for over 40 years engineers and doctors, government and civic leaders, students who go against the grain of corruption here in Nepal.

It was so refreshing to see his work, as so many of the countries I visit are stiffled in growth (regardless of amount of aid or natural resources) because of corruption.

Dr. Kherwar and I quickly bonded, and I wanted to share a little of this wonderful man’s words and philosophy with you here in this video. (please forgive the video work, I was multitasking as I was recording:)

As I was at the airport and getting ready to leave, he told me that although it was hard for us to separate, with love we are always connected.

– What are your thoughts about Dr. Radha Krishna’s philosophy on teaching and life?
– Of all your teachers, which one(s) was your favorite, and why?