I am here now getting all the last minute details organized for the upcoming On the street international conference and workshop on Technology for Innovation and Education in Developing Countries (TEDC 2008). Just for fun, here are some of the interesting images that jumped out at me today while walking the streets of Kampala, Uganda…

What if you are not the “management”? Then is it OK to put up posters?
What if you are not the management?

Aren’t you glad that some advertisements don’t come with pictures?
I guess different things are attractive in Africa?

You probably couldn’t even comprehend this hall if you saw it!
Complex Hall

Conflicting messages?
Conflicting messages?

I walked in here and asked them if they could make me beautiful. They said they had a lot of faith there, but not that much.
God is Able Beauty Salon

Don’t get your hopes up. No “slushees” inside.
Seven-Eleven, but no slurpees

And some others…
Dancing for your soul

Blessed Videos, Kampala