As today (December 6th) is a national holiday in Finland (celebrating 90 years of independence!), I thought it would be fun to point out one way in which I have acquired a new form of, well…I guess you could say “liberation” while living here in Finland. Specifically I am referring to the fact that wearing a speedo is now (almost) within my comfort zone.

This sign is posted in about 5 places at the local pool…

Funny Swim Suit requirment

The only people I know from my hometown in the US who always wear a speedo-type swim suit to the pool are either on a swim team, are a bit loony, are posers, or are any combination of those three options.

I think I would have easily understood if more people in Finland just naturally wanted to wear this kind of swim suit to the local pool (because after being naked so much in the sauna, a speedo actually seems like a good deal of cover) – but I am still struggling to find a good answer as to why it is required to wear it here?

Anyone have any good ideas?

In the mean time, it has helped me break free of old prejudices and fears (…although I suppose the true test of how long that lasts will be the first time I am in a public pool back in the US).

I suggest that men throughout the world should celebrate this day by wearing a speedo to a local pool.

Happy Independence Day! 🙂