I had never heard of it before a few weeks ago, and I was one of only a handful of Caucasians that I saw during my 4 days there. I do not think many people from the West have ever heard of it, even my friends working at the US Embassy in Shanghai were not familiar with it. But it is a place that most Chinese hope to go to one day – and now I know why. A combination of the colorful and warm spirit of the local people who live there (Qian and Tibetan), the delicious Si Chuan food, and the stunning beauty of the natural wonder makes this area in the mountains of western China unforgettable. Here are only a few of so many wonderful memories from Jiuzhaigou.

five color pools

Jiuzhaigou Waterfall

Funny Sign

Minjuan and Biemu

Jiuzhaigou Town

Clint with Baby