OK, so people may wonder why the name of my blog…and it is a valid wonder.

In my dissertation defense I was giving some background information regarding the way that culture impacts learning. I used as an example of differences in perception a study referenced in Nisbett (2003) where Japanese and American learners watch an aquarium scene and then report on what they saw. The Japanese referred to background objects, even inanimate objects 60% more than the Americans, and they also typical started talking about the context: “It looked like a pond.” On the other hand, the Americans usually started by talking about the focal fish in the animation: “I think it was a trout.”

Well, every defense should have some comedic relief to diffuse some of the tension. In this case, it was provided by a great mentor and friend of mine, Dr. Cliff Mayes, who was on my committee. He said he liked the sound of “Focal Fish” and recommended I start a band by that name.
Everybody laughed.
Then Jeremy Brown suggested that I start a website by that name, having quickly checked the availability right then on his wireless laptop.

I suppose I ended up compromising and at least having a blog by the name. What do you think – is it a catchy name for a blog? Or should I leave academia and follow the path of a rock star?:)