What is it about You as a human that makes You close, and what makes You open?

What is it about human nature that often makes it difficult for us to enter a place of uncertainty or at least openness to listen & learn without needing to so quickly prove & convince? What do You think it is that might allow You to open vs close?

I went to a protestant Christian church today where they had invited a man from Pakistan to speak about Islam.

He did a great job of emphasizing how Islam stands for peace, how Judaism, Christianity and Islam are historically three branches of the same tree, and a beautiful job of resolving some potential misunderstandings while establishing common ground. He spoke of the love he felt from Christians that he could take back and speak about.

Almost immediately after, there was a man who got up to establish clearly the differences between the faiths, and to reinforce his own belief in Christianity as what he saw as a clearly superior choice.

Try to reserve judgment and just observe human nature with me. Both had courage to speak in the ways they did.

Still, whatever the context, it seems as if humans need to have some sense of Significance and Certainty. When put in a religious context, and the feeling is that salvation is at stake, perhaps emotions run a little more raw – but it still seems to be need for significance and certainty that drives a lot of the behavior.

What is it about human nature that often makes it difficult for us to enter a place of uncertainty or at least openness to listen & learn without needing to so quickly prove & convince?

From Kenya – 5 Most Dangerous Trends in ICT4D

Here I am in Kenya, where we had a great session today at the university.

The students and faculty at Maseno University, Kenya, came up with what they think are the 5 Most Dangerous Trends, and 5 Greatest Opportunities for ICT4D in Africa.

What do you think?
Do you agree or disagree?
Any you would add or take away?

[Special thanks to the ACP Secretariat, the EU EDULINK programme.
Visit the EDULINK Website for more info about the initiative.]

From Dubai & New York – How do we respond in moments of crises?

From Dubai & New York – How do we respond in moments of crises?

Greetings from Dubai! Clint Rogers In Dubai

I’m struck by how much it has changed since last time I was here about 2 years ago.

Everything from the world’s most expensive hotel to the world’s tallest building all leave a distinct impression of Awe – especially considering about 50 years ago this was all simply desert.

This world is such a fascinating place, and I am growing to love its people all over more and more. I’m so grateful to live in it and be a small part of learning with You about it all.

I flew here from New York, where I shot this short clip at “Ground Zero”

From “Ground Zero” New York City, Dr. Clint Rogers talks about the Moments of Crises we all will face, asking what will be brought out of us in those times? How will you respond in moments of crises?

He also asks what your view is of human nature – are you optimistic that things are getting better, or are you worried things will get worse?

And most importantly, what is your part in the whole – what is Your Compelling Future, what are you willing and excited to live for and create?

Birthday Greetings – Creating a New Reality

Thank you all my friends, family, and colleagues who have wished me a happy birthday, or simply been a happy part of my life!
I’m feeling blessed to know you.

On the airplane to Orlando today I created this short 1 minute video clip for you:

If things like countries are inventions of the human mind, what other kinds of things could we as humans envision and create together?
What reality can we imagine which could lead to a healthier more sustainable world?

What kind of a reality would you like to believe that we could imagine? (funny or real) 🙂

Or even better, as we are still enough to listen deeply, what kind of different reality and dreams do we allow to come through us?

(As my friend Dr. Naram beautifully pointed out to me, when the water is still, we can see our reflection in it — and as we are still, we get a better sense for who we really are and what we are here to do, as well as being given the power to do it. Not for our own ego, but out of a place of love and gratitude.)

ICT4CC – AXIS LIVE Course has begun!

Nearly 100 top students and professionals from over 30 countries have joined together to innovate new ways for us to better utilize (or even create) emerging technologies that can bridge some of the cultural/philosophical differences in the world.

The course, called either ICT4CC (University of Stockholm) or ICT4ID (University of Eastern Finland), is going to be blast! Such a great energy on the first day and first week.

Watch the short 2 minute intro video — http://www.axislive.org/2010/02/ict4cc-axis-live-course-has-began/

Also, please let me know if you might be able to help with certain aspects of the course during the next couple months.

from Jordan – What would you like to see in the New Decade?

What would you like to see become reality in the new decade?

I’ve been lucky to welcome the decade from the beautiful country of Jordan.
Here is a short clip I took during one of my lectures here at the University of Jordan…

I am here in preparation for something I am exited about seeing coming into being in the new decade —the upcoming course on Utilizing Emerging Technologies for Inter-cultural Collaboration and Leadership: Bridging the “West” and the “Middle East”.

As a part of the larger AXIS LIVE movement, this course represents a different way to think of and experience university education and university courses than is common – a course in which there are no clear answers to begin with, in which some of the most intelligent students from around the world join to become friends in discovering solutions together…

What a great way to start the new decade!

To join the conversation and experience the journey with us, please enter your name and email at http://www.axislive.org or here:




In any area of life, what would you like to see become a reality in the new decade?

“How might we improve?” vs. “Wouldn’t it be cool if?”

“How might we improve?” vs. “Wouldn’t it be cool if?”

Tim BrownTonight I finished Tim Brown’s book, Change by Design: How Design Thinking Transforms Organizations and Inspires Innovation (Tim Brown is the current CEO of design giant IDEO).

In the book he discusses his way of framing a design problem, “How might we . . .” Often the problem statement also includes the verb improve, as in “how might we improve the experience of buying a car?” or “how might we improve the quality of schools in rural districts?” (these type of questions will hereafter be referred to as HMWI questions)

The value of of HMWI questions, according to Brown, is they have “enough flexibility to release the imagination of the [design] team, while providing enough specificity to ground its ideas in the lives of their intended beneficiaries” (pp. 217-218). In other words, they don’t predefine the solution the designer team should come up with, and they also keep the design team focused on the value proposition the innovation is intended to create (particularly the value proposition for real people like you and me).

The thought occurred to me that there might be a contrast between a HMWI question, and a twin question I hear a lot, Wouldn’t It Be Cool If . . . (WIBCI). “Wouldn’t it be cool if you could wear a computer in your clothing?” “Wouldn’t be cool if your eyes could change color based on your mood?”

At the risk of oversimplifying, I wonder if the type of innovation sparked by a WIBCI question more easily loses sight of the endgame the one asking the question originally had in mind, than does a HMWI question. Certainly someone asking a WIBCI question is trying to do something important, and I’m sure many useful parts of modern society started with WIBCI questions. But read the words in each of these two question very slowly. Maybe even read them aloud. Doesn’t How Might We Improve feel better to you? Doesn’t it seem that starting with Wouldn’t It Be Cool If is more likely to run afoul of innovation for its own sake, rather than innovation designed to actually help someone?

What do you think?

CNN iReport – 10 Days to Touch 10 Million, “Your Life Matters!”

Here is the CNN iReport from Thanksgiving, that I’d like for you to watch and share: 10 Days to Touch 10 Million movement, suicide prevention, inspirational viral film, your life matters!

**iReport –
The 10 Days to Touch 10 Million movement started as a grass-roots initiative to combat the increase of depression and suicide during the holiday season with inspirational media/music — and has already been featured on Times Square, and promoted through FaceBook/Twitter by hundreds and thousands of people, including recent promotion by Deepak Chopra, NFL players, CEOs, Music stars, and other remarkable people. (http://www.10Daysto10Million.com)

In this iReport, Dr. Clint Rogers describes a recent event at the Weingart center for homeless in LA – which included a showing one of the 4-minute viral media message “Your life matters”, and a message from best-selling author, speaker, and 3-time legislator Les Brown. The media clip that was shown contain inspirational spoken segments put to music by 7-time Emmy award winning composer/producer Gary Malkin – and is being spread through social media outlets by hundreds and thousands of people around the world.

The reaction of the residents at the homeless shelter was poignant – each wanted a copy of the film (expressing how it helped them think about fear differently and brought a moment of peace), one man said the event persuaded him not to go out and do something terrible he was about to do, a woman expressed her hope that despite the addictions which had harmed her she realized she had a message to share, and another man declared that he knew he was in the right place at the right time – that he was moved to change his life because of the experience.

Please consider joining this movement, and helping extend this message (“Your life matters, you are loved!”) through any media outlet that we can. Press Kit

**Results of movement so far
We have done something awesome together in the last 10 days (and 4 weeks), which has touched a massive amount of people, and will continue to grow and make a needed difference during this holiday season and beyond!

It is very difficult to put a number to the amount of people touched during the last 10 days (*see note below on all the distribution channels), but I have no doubt that this work will grow to reach many, many more than just 10 million.

Some examples of all the people that were touched in some way:
* Video and/or event already posted on nearly 4,000 FaceBook pages – and in hundreds of thousands of FaceBook feeds
* Twitter buzz, promotion, and recognition from so many, including Deepak Chopra, NFL players, CEOs, and other remarkable people (like you!)
* Newsletters & emails (through the viral inviter, and other methods) that went out and will go out to millions of people
* Posts of video and discussions of it in online communities and listserves, distribution of video through YouTube, and dozens of other video sharing tools
* Coverage by media (radio, newspaper, TV) with significant amount of listeners/viewers (e.g. posts will go on over 50K blogs and news media pages)
* Movement was featured on the Times Square megatron,
* Street team and others downloading the film to show in shelters, homes, youth groups, and churches around the world… (my CNN iReport of the visit to the homeless shelter in LA is posted here: http://www.ireport.com/docs/DOC-362023 – please feel free to share it on FB, twitter, etc)
* And on and on – efforts that will continue and touch millions of lives long into the future

We received hundreds of emails and messages from people who were touched by the message, and thankful that it was a part of their holidays. (I’ll compile some of my favorites to share later)

**We’ve been persuaded to continue through the holidays!
So we have been persuaded to continue to share this message throughout the entire holiday season because (a) the 10 Days to Touch 10 Million movement was received so well, (b) the need for the message & movement is still there, and (c) we haven’t even released some of the coolest stuff we can share together yet (some of the larger lists, national media, and social media events).

One way to understand the 10 days is that “In 10 Days we have sparked something that will touch over 10 million people during the holiday season.”

If you would like to continue to be a part of sharing this message “Your life matters, You are loved!” – we would love to have you be a part of it!
Join at http://www.wisdomfilms.com/join

There are so many more people we can touch during this holiday season through simple, caring, coordinated actions.