Greetings from Dubai! Clint Rogers In Dubai

I’m struck by how much it has changed since last time I was here about 2 years ago.

Everything from the world’s most expensive hotel to the world’s tallest building all leave a distinct impression of Awe – especially considering about 50 years ago this was all simply desert.

This world is such a fascinating place, and I am growing to love its people all over more and more. I’m so grateful to live in it and be a small part of learning with You about it all.

I flew here from New York, where I shot this short clip at “Ground Zero”

From “Ground Zero” New York City, Dr. Clint Rogers talks about the Moments of Crises we all will face, asking what will be brought out of us in those times? How will you respond in moments of crises?

He also asks what your view is of human nature – are you optimistic that things are getting better, or are you worried things will get worse?

And most importantly, what is your part in the whole – what is Your Compelling Future, what are you willing and excited to live for and create?