Dr Naram, George Rogers, and elephantHere is a conversation I’m copying from FaceBook (from when I was in India with my dad and Dr. Naram), so I can remember it, share some more details, and answer any more questions people might have:

“Can I share with You something amazing?
I came to India to meet my dad. Doctors in the U.S. didn’t know how to help him anymore. In just 2 weeks here at Dr. Naram’s clinic – pain in his chest and abdomen & numbness in his legs and feet went away, he stopped taking diabetes medicine with his blood sugar levels normal, AND his energy level is 20 times better!”

That is what I first posted (with many of the comments shared below).

Since then, my dad is now back in the U.S. and off of all his medications except one. No more medication for cholesterol, no more for high blood pressure, no more for helping with sleeping, or for chest pains, or for numbness in his legs — his blood sugar levels make it unnecessary for him to take diabetes medication. The only medication he is still on is for arthritis, which will take a little longer to get off of.
Things are not perfect, but compared to 3 months ago, it is surprising how much things have changed, and how there is so much more hope now where there was frustration and fear before.

So grateful for Dr. Pankaj Naram. Out of gratitude for Dr. Naram, I just captured this video from my dad talking a little bit about his experience…