I have tried to maximize my time in Finland by learning as much Finnish as I can. Some people said that they were impressed by how fast I was learning it, so I started to be impressed by myself too! 🙂
I even booked an airline ticket on a Finnish-only language website to France (for a paper I was going to give at a conference on culture and technology – where I am now).
Pretty impressive, huh? I was kind of proud of myself.

So I showed up at the airport in Helsinki on June 23rd, and I wondered why my flight didn’t show up on the screen. I went to a help desk and asked the lady if it was still scheduled or if they canceled it for some reason.

She kindly informed me that it was still scheduled, but that I had booked it for November 23rd!!!

So, to make a long story short – a couple hundred Euros and a couple hours later I was booked on a plane to Berlin then to Barcelona, and then took the train to Nimes, France.
And I obviously need to study my months better! 🙂

[Despite my humbling experience, at least it has been a great conference – well worth the effort, and I will try to post an entry about it later.]