I would sometime like to do a study on games people play in different cultures and countries.Head Wound
Going to St. Petersburg this last weekend, we joked about a ‘Russian game’ called the “Everybody get down!”-game – and how this man on the bus didn’t learn how to play it very well…
(sometime ask me more about it for a funny story)

But as I have been thinking a lot about games lately – Clint in St. Petersburgand have started inventing one or two games that deal with intercultural communication and collaboration – I wonder these questions about the games people play around the world:
– Who is involved (adults and children, people of what ages, and what relation)?
– Are the games based on cooperation or competition?
– Are they team based or individual?
– Are they thinking/skill based or games of chance/luck? Children Playing Games
– If it is a game you can “win” what do you win?
– Are they played indoor or outdoor?
– Are the games just for diversions or what deeper things do you learn from playing them? etc…

Here are my questions for you:
– Do you know any games you (or others) played as a kid that people from other areas of the world might consider unique?
– What are your favorite games to play and why do you like them?