…we saw sunlight and a bit of blue sky. My friend Antony and I were both pretty excited, as this time of year in Finland it seems to be a rare thing. I checked with some people passing by, and they confirmed that it was indeed the sun light. Antony recommended I take a picture of it, so now that wonderful moment is captured for future reference (this picture is taken just as the sun was setting – between 2:00 and 3:00pm). Hope you enjoy. 🙂

Sunshine in Finland

P.S. Has anyone ever met someone (either foreigner or local) who looks forward to this season in Finland because they simply love the darkness? (As a joke the other day I thought it would be a funny thing to tell people – when they ask me why I came to Finland, that I just really liked the darkness. The instant laugh reaction is a pretty good sign that no one really believes that is a possibility – but at least it all gives us something interesting to talk about, and perhaps a chance of acquiring an extra measure of “sisu”)Sunshine in Finland