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We had a great PhD day seminar, with about 13 participants from FinlandKitee snow men party, Estonia, Australia, UK, USA, and Spain. We want to thank Ulla Kakkonen and Eeva Turtiainen for allowing us to use the facilities at The Evangelic Folk High School of Kitee, and Ulla even teaching us about “toivon, valvon, and kiitan”.

Snow Men building at Kitee

In addition to building two excellent snow men (more pictures available at Antony Harfield’s blog), enjoying some s’mores with everyone, and having a relaxing time in the sauna, pool, and steam room — we also had some great presentations and stimulating discussions about a variety of topics.

Below are some of the presentations. Each description is now a hyper link to the corresponding mp3 of the discussion.

My questions for you again:

  1. Do you listen to these at all?
  2. Are they helpful – or how could they be more helpful?
  3. Should we continue to provide recordings like this?