Well, I am finishing up my last night of another round-the-world tour. I ended this trip in Turkey and now China. Since I don’t seem to have anything inspirational to say, I think I’ll simply post one of the funniest signs from the trip.

It is a tough choice deciding the winner. For example, on a cable car ride in GuangZhou, there is a warning that: “People with hypertension, cardiac, psychopath or bibulosity may not be allowed to ride the ropeway.

Phew – I’m glad people “with psychopath” are banned. Any ideas what “bibulosity” means?

On that same ride there was a rule that “splitting and lettering are forbidden” – it took me about a half hour before I realized they probably meant “spitting and littering are forbidden.” đŸ™‚

On a beach in Turkey, there is a sign that says: “Parents responsible from their children.” Perhaps it was more a statement of the state of how things are rather than a request.

My friend John got a gift from a Chinese boy named “Forrest Gump” (guess what movie he watched over and over in order to learn English?). He was actually very hospitable in showing us his university, and afterward we gave him a thank you gift. Later that night we found a gift waiting at the hotel for us. It was crickets encapsulated in a heart shaped plastic mounting that said “Congratulotion.” That might be a great new name for a Johnson & Johnson product.

But I think the winner is the sign for the toilets on the way out of the historical ruins at Ephesus. Although most likely intentionally funny, I have never seen a sign like this in the world. Some young marketing genius in Turkey not only charges for the use of toilets here at this opportune spot, but does it in an add-value way that makes it hard to pass up:

Funny Picture