I’m here in Sydney right now. Beautiful city. 20 million in the whole of Australia and 4 million of them live in this one city.

I had an interesting conversation with Dr. Catherine McLoughlin, who is interested in exploring more regarding cultural differences in approaches and attitudes towards ethical issues in academia such as plagiarism and cheating. What are the different ways in which people are predisposed to think about these issues? How do these cultural influences affect the behaviors of students from different countries? Which ethical behaviors might be considered universally unethical (even though people do them from different countries, they are still inexcusable), and which might be relative depending on where you are coming from (there are valid differences where people think they are acting in an ethical way, even if it does not appear that way to an outsider)? How can people administering academic courses cross-culturally address academic integrity in the best ways possible?

Does anyone know of any existing resources or research which might address some of these questions?