I recently watched as a man cared so passionately about those around him that their lives were transformed into something so much more beautiful, healthy and alive.

I saw with my own eyes how this man took one person after another Storm– people that were in so much visible pain, even to the point that they thought they wanted to take their lives – and with this pure, powerful and joyful love (full of blunt honesty, humor, and heart) they saw truths in themselves which shifted their view of everything!

Even when they were mean and cruel to him, through the questions he asked and comments he made, he discovered and saw past their mask to the core of them, and helped them see it too.

He guided them to discover for themselves where the suffering in their lives really came from, and assisted them in uncovering where those beliefs came from. Sun piercing the stormHe then invited them to consciously decide whether to keep the old beliefs they unconsciously developed over time or to see a different picture which is more true to the core of what they really want and who they really are.

In realizing the meaning they attached to the past in a new light, they could see an opening, an awakening of a compelling future, and their whole physiology and focus changed. It was obvious there was not pretense or pretending in their change – it was real and deep.

He did the same with people in relationships where couples had become so blinded to who they were and who their partner is that they were either simply complacent through losing the joy and passion in their relationship, or they were actually vicious to each Rainbow Mountainother. In a few hours, relationships that seemed hopelessly lost to me were revived with passion, hope, meaning and excitement.

It is amazing how frequently all of us tell ourselves disempowering stories about ourselves, others and the world which just aren’t true. Ironically we usually do to protect ourselves from our two greatest human fears: 1. that we are not enough, and 2. that because we are not enough, we will not be loved.

There is so much power when someone can be bold and honest from a place Rainbowof love (a love which we can not deny if we are being honest) and help us see how the map we have been using to see the world has elements in it that do not serve the core of who we really are and who we are really meant to be. The result can be instantaneous in how new, colorful, and alive everything seems, how it even breaths life and excitement into things that we once thought were dead (our passion, our relationships, our emotions, our purpose, our life).

So, what is a miracle?
Perhaps one of the most beautiful and powerful miracles is each time a human being sees, feels, and knows a bit more of who they really are – instead of who they think they have to be – and through living that truth they lift and inspire us all to want to do the same.God’s Passion in Creation

Life really is meant to be lived and experienced with passion – as human beings we are meant to dream, grow, and love others so completely that we forget about ourselves in a pursuit to give them (especially the woman or man of our dreams) what they need most – love, growth, excitement, absolute trust and dedication, honesty, laughter, and joy.