Question MarkI have been involved in a lot of interest and discussion lately about

1. How can I frame good research questions in Educational Technology?

and then

2. How can I match them with an appropriate methodology?

There are a lot of sources you could use to answer these questions (and I am interested in what other people know in response to these two questions too, and what are the best resources you can suggest to others).

As a starting point for the discussion, here are two short articles which helped clarify some things in my mind as I was preparing to conduct my own dissertation research.

1. Explore, Explain, Design

2. A Model of Technology Capable of Generating Research Questions

For any who are interested in participating in an online discussion about these questions, please post your questions in a comment response to this blog post. Also please post any insights or questions in response to these two articles.

I have also invited the author of these two articles (Dr. Andy Gibbons – very well known in IDT) to be available to help read and respond to some of the questions/comments that you post, according to his availability. Potentially we will also have a chance to do a live online meeting with him at some point within the next couple months (I will post more as I know it).

This discussion is intended to help any who are in the process of deciding what and how to do their research. I have a feeling that we can all learn a lot from this discussion.